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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It Runs! - UPDATED

That title pretty much says it all. Today I have a paper to write; that means it's procrastination time! Fortunately, I had plenty of stuff to procrastinate with. So, I started working on an emulator for Q1 (my CPU). After only an hour or so of coding, it runs a simple test program with a 6 instruction set. Of course, as each instruction only requires 3 lines of code, adding the other 50 or so will be quite easy. I'll have to do that on Thursday.

UPDATE: Now it's up to 24 instructions (half the instruction set). The emulation core is about 2/3 KB of optimized assembly. Should be no problem keeping the emulation function and the CPU context (most importantly the registers) in L1 cache, making it about as fast as possible.

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