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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

& Psychology Fun - UPDATED

"Call girl nymphomaniac in front of entire social psychology class"

*crosses item off life todo list*

That'll teach her not to be so ambiguous in playing her role that people had to ask what she was supposed to be (and nymphomaniac was the first thing that came to my mind after the first couple things she said). :P Was also hilarious when the nerd listed Screech Powers as his hero.

And for your information, the purpose of that exercise was to demonstrate the stereotypes associated with various roles.

BahamutZero's response to this post: "I do think I said you were a devious, corrupt, manipulative and all around dangerous person."

UPDATE: Today (Thursday) in psychology class the teacher was asking for attributes (taken from a list she passed out) that we thought were more typical of women than men. I answered 'tact'. I heard several people chuckle; I have a guess as to why :P

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DOUBLE-U-BEE said...

Next time, say "goat"