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Friday, May 05, 2006

Goin' for the Gold!

So, that brings us to the third and final item on the list of lock-free thingamajiggers I wanted to add to LibQ (excluding the allocator; that thing is tricky to implement; I'll get around to that at some point): the atomic deque. And I've got a serious problem.

The algorithm requires the use of atomic memory writes larger than one word. This is something which, of the architectures I want LibQ to support, only x86-32 supports, making it highly impractical.

There are two ways to get around this. If you remember, I have this little thing called CAtomicVar, which allows atomic operations on types larger than one word, for a price: one memory allocation each time the variable is written to (typically this will be twice per push/pop, although in periods of high contention it may be more than that). A third allocation will be required for push operations.

That's pretty bad. Even with a free list allocator I'd wager that's at least 100 cycles inside the window of invalidation vulnerability, considerably more without a free list.

The other solution is to make the deque fixed size - it can only hold so many items, maximum. That's not all; this method will only work on CPUs that can atomically access 64-bit values. This is only supported on x86 and PPC64 (G5, I think) CPUs, leaving most Mac users out.

So, that's the problem, and those are the solutions. This brings up the question: is it worth it? If so, which method is better?

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