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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

& Random Thoughts

So, I'm working on my high level languages term paper (sort of), and felt compelled to take the time to write the following paragraph:

Like a disturbance in a quiet pond, the sounds of pandemonium rippled outward from ground zero in a series of precisely ordered events. First, the sounds of glass shattering and sheered sheet metal landing on concrete, then the sounds of car alarms going off, and, finally, such assorted screams as "My Cresta!" and "The roof is on fire!"
A short passage from one of my apocryphal stories (that is, a story that could never happen, as it doesn't fit in any universe, though it interacts with various ones) that is an anime grand melee crossover. The ground zero mentioned would be Kaolla's jet engine blowing up during its test run.

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