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Saturday, July 08, 2006

& Backlog

Man, looking at some of the stuff I started on this block, I've got a buttload of stuff I need to post. At least four series I started but never finished, and it's been aeons since I posted anything on LibQ (heck, it's been a few months since I've even worked on LibQ). I also have a couple of recent stories from work and some of the stuff I've done on my days off. As well, I might still post a few more case analyses of languages that weren't initially in the list, such as Chinese (Cantonese, to be specific) and a couple of extra-special mystery languages.

Also, I just thought I'd list some of the other blogs I read but aren't on the links to the left (not that I read all of those; some are just because they belong to friends), to go with the blogs I mentioned in the last post.

- Neo-neocon - an intellectual blog that often covers politics, and was known for having interesting (and lengthy) debates between those two agree and those that don't agree with the neocon perspective. It's been pretty boring since they banned all the "trolls" a week or so back, but a couple opponents have shown up the last day or two, and at least one thread has broken out into debate.
- Musings of a Palestinian Princess - life in the hot zone (the West Bank). Can be interesting when debates between Israelis and Palestinians (and their supporters) get into debates.
- Baghdad Burning - life in the other hot zone. A bit on the cynical side. Unfortunately, no commenting allowed, although if you read a bit, you can probably guess why.
- Narges - life in the "axis of evil" (Iran; noticing a theme, here?). This one's not like the others in that she is a programmer who is going for her masters' degree, and doing research on machine translation.
- Informed Comment - the blow by blow(-up) in Iraq. Middle-eastern news from a rather depressing, yet informative perspective.

As this is kind of a grab bag post, you shouldn't be surprised to see other things pop up on it, as I remember other things.

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confudeforeigner said...

As one of the trolls that was banned from neo-neocon, I thank you for the mention. The rationale for banning me was that I was 'rude' to them, and I admit I was abrasive (mostly through frustration at having my views invented for me) but, given the threats I received before and after banning, the rationale looks a bit fragile.