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Saturday, November 04, 2006


So, that's one more thing I can scratch off the list of "things I need to see/do before I die". In a debate on another blog I ran across a guy that appears to be part of an atheist cult. By this I am using the term "cult" to refer to any group that dogmatically defines themselves such that they are the few, the proud, the enlightened, and everybody else that doesn't strictly adhere to their every word isn't a true believer.

As hard as that is to imagine, it actually happened. This guy refers to his as "true atheism", and "insults" others that don't adhere to his exquisite wording (which strangely tends to contradict the definitions found in dictionaries...) by saying they're not "true atheists". Is there such a thing as a false atheist? Is that like a false Aryan or false messiah? Do false atheists go to hell?

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.


Anonymous said...

It's Miller time.


Ariel said...

Yep, it was like dancing with the mentally ill.

a guy in pajamas said...

Well, that was fun.

I think false atheists burn in entropy, and good little atheists end up in nirvanna.

Man, I am so burning in entropy for that. ;-)

By the way, good show, Ariel.