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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Lord's Prayer - Trique

Here is the version of the Lord's Prayer in Chicahuaxtla Trique, a Mexican indian language only spoken by a couple thousand now (and may be extinct soon, as Spanish is adopted), from a 1966 Trique Bible. I've added a couple annotations indicating what some words are, but I know very little of the language, and everything I do know has come from studying this Trique Bible "studying" for a few hours) and asking my grandpa questions. Those numbers indicate tones (there are five tones in Trique, and syllables can be glides from one tone to another).

Drej3 [father of] nej3 yunj2 [us] huuin2 re'5 [you are] nne2 re'5 [you sit] xata'4a [heaven].
Ni4 [and] ga'mi4 [will speak] nej3 yunj2 [us] sisi4 [if] hua34 sa'5 [be good] nï'5 man'an2 re'5 [your body].
Ni4 [and] ga'na'5 [will arrive] re'5 [you] gui
4nicaj34 re'5 son34 rian34 [on?] nej3 yunj2 [us] ruhua23 nej3 yunj2 [us].
Ni4 [and] gui4'yaj3 [will do] nej3 yunj2 [us] si3 [him?] garan'5 ruhua23 re'5 gui4'yaj3 nej3 yunj2.
Ro'2 'yaj3 nej3 si1 nne3 xata'4a hue2 daj4 gui4'yaj3 [will do] nej3 yunj2 [us] ruhua23 xumigüi5 nanj3.
Ni4 yyaj54 a'yoj3 riqui4 re'5 si3 xa23 nej3 yunj2 nda'43 ngo'ngo4 güi3.
Ni4 nicaj5 re'5 'ngo4 niman23 nico3 nga4 rian34 si-gaquïn'4 nej3 yunj2.
Dadin'34 si3 hue2 daj4 nicaj34 nej3 yunj2 'ngo4 niman23 nico3 nga4 rian34 nej3 si1 'yaj3 gaquïn'4in rian34 nej3 yunj2.
Ni4 si4 ga'ui'2 re'5 permiso si3 gadsïj3 siche3 niman23 nej3 yunj2.
Sani4 nacaj4 re'5 nej3 yunj2 rian34 si1 danj3.
Dadin'34 [because] nicaj34 niganj5 nï'5 re'5 son34.
Ni4 hua34
[there is] nucua1 re'5 [you are strong] nej3 [also].
Ni4 hua34 [there is] hue'e2 [be good] nï'5 re'5 nej3 [also].
Ni4 hue2 [yes] daj4 gahuin2 re'5 [you were] niganj5 nï'5.


Rachel Starr Thomson said...

Extremely cool :).

author of Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord's Prayer

Anonymous said...

If your grandfather is who I think he is.... you had some good help and I'm jealous. I was looking for some examples of Triqui still written with the numbers - the translators abandoned that after they discovered no Triqui needed them to "read". I was just looking for material for my intro anthropology class powerpoint and found your blog. I have wonderful memories of your Grandfather. He had a terrific sense of humor. If he is still living, say hi to him from Marcia.