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Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's That Time Again

Time to register for spring classes.

So, what's on the plate this semester? After talking to the adviser, it looks like I have exactly 8 classes (3 units each) needed to graduate (I've already finished my biology major, including GE courses, so all 8 are in computer science - third year and fourth year courses). Some of these courses are mandatory, either because they're directly required by the major, or they're required as prerequisites for courses I absolutely want to take. The ones I need specifically, along with their description from the school catalog:

Programming Languages and Translation
Introduce both basic concepts of programming languages and principles of translation. The topics include the history of programming languages and various programming paradigms, language design issues and criteria, developing practical translator for modern programming languages.

Software Engineering
Basic concepts, principles, methods, techniques and practices of software engineering. All aspects of software engineering fields will be covered briefly. Software engineering tools are recommended to use.

Artificial Intelligence
Use of computers to simulate human intelligence. Topics include production systems, pattern recognition, problem solving, searching game trees, knowledge representation, and logical reasoning. Programming in AI environments.

Principles of Computer Graphics
Examination and analysis of computer graphics; software structures, display processor organization, graphical input/output devices, display files. Algorithmic techniques for clipping, windowing, character generation and viewpoint transformation.

Advanced Game Programming
Intermediate and advanced game programming techniques including 3D game development, realtime rendering, physic simulation, etc.

Game Development Project [thesisish thingy]
Individual or team develops realistic games based on the theories and techniques, present and demonstrate their work regularly.

I definitely need to take advanced game programming and computer graphics this semester. The other two slots are open. I'm thinking of taking AI, since that would be useful for E Terra. Unfortunately, that and compilers are at the same time (so are mutually exclusive), and they would both be used for E Terra AI :P I'm hoping to be able to use E Terra for the game project, but I won't be able to take that until the fall.

Besides those, I have a couple decisions to make. I have to take one other programming language than C++ - either Visual Basic, Java, or C#. VB is definitely out of the running, but I'm not sure whether Java or C# would be better. I'm learning some C# this semester because we use it in the game programming class (with XNA), but other than that I'm not sure which is better.

Finally, if my petition to drop one class (not mentioned), which the teacher says is unnecessary, is accepted, I'll need one more upper-division class for the units. Not too sure about which to take for that one. Here are the most appealing prospects, although none of them are something I'd be inclined to take if I didn't have to:

UNIX and Open Source Systems
Introduces the UNIX operating systems, various open source applications and systems, open source programming languages, and open source software development techniques.

Data Security and Encryption Techniques
System security and encryption. Current issues in security, encryption and privacy of computer based systems.

Advanced Operating Systems
The course covers internal structures of a modern operating system. The specific topics include processing, process communication, file systems, networking, and the I/O system. There are several programming assignments which include system calls, and other low level interfaces.

Web Programming and Data Management
Various techniques for developing Web-based database applications using software engineering methodology. Introduce concept and architecture of Web servers, Web database design techniques, client/server side programming, and Web application tools and techniques.

Or, I suppose there's always...
Independent Study
Special topic in Computer Science selected in consultation with and completed under the supervision of instructor.

Internship in Computer Science
Practical experience and service learning relevant to computer science in industry or organizations. Written and oral reports are required.

Hmmmm. Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?

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