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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Public Service Announcement

It looks like the rumors about Geneon USA going out of business are true. Geneon USA is, among other things, an importer/translator of anime and music CDs from Japan. It also happens to be the only label that has (legally) brought any of the work of Yuki Kajiura, one of my favorite composers, to America (although as I prefer to pay the authors for music I like, I wish they'd brought more of it...).

Thus, Geneon going out of business means that these soundtracks will not be available anymore, which is bad. I already see at least two soundtracks that are no longer carried by, and several others that are down to 5 or less in stock. So, if you're looking to buy some good music, now is your last chance.

Here's a list of the Kajiura CDs by Geneon, ranked roughly by how good they are, with links to them on Amazon (if Amazon is out of them, you might be able to find some from other stores; but you're on your own for that - just make sure the ISBN number matches these here), along with some samples:

Madlax OST 1
The Story Begins
To Find Your Flower

Madlax OST 2
Fall on You
People Are People
Bank on Me

Noir OST 1
Salva Nos

Noir OST 2
Le Grand Retour

Elemental Gelade
Beauty and the Beast
The Bond - Reverie Metherlence


Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
In a Beautiful Morning of May

Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this mean that you can now legally bootleg all of his soundtracks should they exist online?