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Thursday, July 23, 2009

RIP E Terra Blog

As you can see, I've removed the link and RSS feed for the E Terra blog from the sidebar. After several years of no real content and over a year since the last post (that's even worse than this blog!), I'm finally putting it out of its misery. If I'd been a prolific writer on the development of E Terra there might have been a purpose to a separate blog, but I sure haven't been, once the class I had to create it for ended. If I have anything to say about E Terra or game programming in the future, I'll just put it here, instead.

By the way, a few semesters ago (after the class I wrote E Terra for) I got a very nice book: 3D Game Engine Design (second edition). It's largely about graphics engines, though it does have occasional other topics (e.g. that's where I learned to write a good collision detection system for E Terra). What's really nice about this book is that it's not limited to theory; while it does explain the theory behind things, it also shows how to bring everything together into a working system. Most (useless) textbooks, in contrast, simply explain the theory and (if you're lucky) give you pseudocode for each separate concept, with no advice on how to integrate everything into a complete system. If you're interested in game programming, this is by far the best book I know of (I originally found it looking through the book shelves of my graphics teacher).

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