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Sunday, April 11, 2010

& Twitter

On a tangentially-related note, I've also joined Twitter. This one I have a very specific purpose for: link spam (the stuff I formerly sent to friends on IM services and pasted into chat room). A place where I can simply link to interesting, funny, or otherwise linkable stuff I find online, without giving any commentary, and I can post stuff too insignificant or off-topic to clutter this blog with (although I may occasionally post short random thoughts, as well).

Those of you who think this blog has had entirely too little computer/programming stuff on it lately should check out my Twitter feed. While these days most of the stuff I think long and hard about (and blog about) is linguistics, the majority of the stuff I read online remains about computers, video games, and programming. So, expect the majority of my tweets to be on those topics, like this blog was, back before I became interested in linguistics.

There are several ways you can access my tweets. If you're on Twitter, you can simply follow me. If you're not, you can either see the mini-Twitter feed now on the blog sidebar, read the Twitter tab of my FaceBook page, or subscribe to the RSS version of my Twitter feed.

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