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Thursday, October 11, 2007


How dost thou suck, Thursday? Let me count the ways. Well, my Visual C# Express just stopped working due to me not registering it; more specifically, due to a bug in Visual C# that makes it not accept any registration numbers, regardless of whether they are valid. Did I mention that MS offers NO technical support for the express editions (and XNA only works with Visual C# Express)? So no working on E Terra (or anything else related to video game development class, for that matter), for the time being.

On a related note, I still have no programmers who have volunteered to work with me on it. Although arguably that's my fault for waiting so long to get started. As well, the forum of the video game design club is broken and not accepting registrations, so I can't post help wanted ads on their site. In either case, doing all the coding for an unsimple RTS myself will be... interesting.

Finally, Live Spaces is broken today and not allowing any new blog posts, so I can't even blog about E Terra (I'd already written up a new entry to post).

Saturday, October 06, 2007

E Terra

Okay, my new blog E Terra is now online. No, I'm not giving up on Q & Stuff (which is still my main blog); the first post explains everything.