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Friday, May 20, 2005

Q & Stuff

Okay, so, it's Friday. Not only that, I missed my one class today after driving 45 minutes each way on the freeway, I didn't sleep any last night, and I'm bored. Gosh, I guess I'll make a blog.

Oh, but what shall it be about, and more importantly, what shall I call it? Well, I've been working on LibQ - a lightweight, cross-platform class library of very commonly used but platform-specific features - for the last couple of weeks, maybe I could do a design journal for that. Maybe I'll call it the LibQ Developer's Journal. But wait, I might want to post other inanity on it, too, so that's no good. Maybe The Daily Flamebait? No, that's no good either; I don't plan on posting daily, nor do I intend the majority of stuff to be rantish/flamebait stuff (unlike my posting habits on Slashdot). Hmm, maybe I'll just call it Q & Stuff; that'd be more than generic enough for anything I'd care to post. Okay, I guess that settles it.

More inanity - and maybe, if you're really lucky, something useful - to come, soon (hopefully).

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