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Saturday, July 08, 2006

And Then There Were... Shoot, I've Lost Count

Skywing just created a blog, after much prodding by me and my boss. Unfortunately, he didn't join me on this blog, like I suggested (him and one other person I was looking to acquire). Also, my boss has had a blog for quite a while, although for some reason the contents don't interest me as much as some other blogs (or maybe I just like to write more than I like to read). Also, Ryan Govostes, one of the people I know on MSN, and who reads my blog, has had a blog for a while. I haven't looked at that one too much, but this most recent post (from a month ago) looks interesting. Too bad the blog sucks. And by that I mean he was too lazy to make any kind of a listing of recent posts or archive of old posts, and leaves you with "previous" and "next" on each post to navigate the posts.

While we're kinda-sorta on the topic of my job, here's a fact for you: 14% of all of the MS driver development MVPs in the world work at the company, and 50% of the people in the world who have gotten the award more than once.

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