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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Forgeted to Mention

I be back in California, now. After ten weeks of me being in Kansas, working for SW's company, Dorkess and Bigg'ns (my dog) sure beed happy to see me. It beed fun. I geted to work on a tool that attempt to auto-configur their server; I doed not quite hav enough time to finish it, but I finished all the major stuff, and all that be left be a bunch of odds and ends. I be hoping that I canill go back to work there during the coming winter and summer break, between school semesters.

Which bring up the fact that I be back in school for the fall semester. Three courses that probably beill boring, and one (operating systems concepts) that possibly might be intereting, if I don't already know most of the stuff the course beill teaching. Stuff like scheduling, synchronization, I/O, memory managment, real-time systems, etc.

While I beed in Kansas, I picked up watching a few new TV series. Monk beed mildly amusing, although it beed more of a time-filler than something I would rather watch than do other things. Psych, on the other hand, I might continu to watch, even though I be back home.

House be just godly. It be probably one of my favorite shows (along with Law and Order). It be about a doctor (House) and his medical students who get some of the more confusing cases, either due to extremely obscure illnesses, or symptoms that don't seem consistent with the illness, due to some unique circumstance. To quot one person on Star Alliance, House be Sherlock Holmes, only with medicine instead of crime. Oh, and doed I mention that House be a complete (and highly amusing) ass-hole? Arrogant, rude, anti-social, immature, rebellious, unprofessional, mean, etc. Since I discovered House, I hav learnen that a good number of my friends also watch it. And now you be going to watch it, too! You can probably find it for download somewhere. Or you could just watch it on Fox (tonight, I believ).

Other than that, I hav been slowly watching Stellvia of the Universe, as per SW's suggestion, and playing Neverwinter Nights and Hordes of the Underdark. Speaking of which, it hav been a good five or six months since I last played WoW. I wonder if I canill mak it all the way to the expansion (which beill November, at the earliest) without playing it again. Also, NWN2 beill coming out in October, and I be planning to get it, along with a new computer, using the money from this summer's work.

I wonder if I workill on LibQ again any time soon. I hav not worked on it in several months, and now I be rather engrossed in my evil plans that I be researching. Oh, and as a last note, this post be only tangentially related to what I be researching English grammar for.

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