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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dude, Where's My Blogging?

As those of you keeping count have probably noticed, there hasn't been a whole lot of blogging from me, lately. There's a pretty intuitive reason for that. As I mentioned previously, Squid and I went to Kansas to work for the same company as Skywing over the summer. Skywing's boss (actually the chief technical officer) had invited me to work there out of the blue, while Squid was just bored, and thought out of state travel might amuse him. It came as a surprise, then, that when we arrived, the CTO told Squid that if he was bored and wanted to work for the company as a Q/A person (since his programming abilities aren't really enough to get by at an actual job) he could; only, they didn't have budget to pay him.

As Squid was in fact bored (that and the fact that, for technical reasons, he could only use the internet from the hotel room for the first couple of weeks while I was there), he decided to try working (a relatively new concept for him, although I don't suppose I'm one to talk). So, I worked on my (programming) project for the ten weeks we were there, and he worked for their Q/A "department" (actually only like 3 people, including him).

Well, it turned out that Squid was actually pretty good at Q/A, and at the end of the summer both of us were invited to stay and work full-time for the company, once they managed to find budgets for us (during the summer I was the only one getting paid, and only making an intern's pay). I declined, as I wanted to finish up my last 3 semesters of college (double majors, remember), though I expected to go back over the winter and summer breaks, and work remotely during the school semesters (maybe).

So, we came home, and I started school on August 22. A couple weeks after, however, we got a call from them, regarding some new funding. They wanted me to work remotely to finish the project I'd started during the summer (and wanted it done in three weeks!), and they now had budget for Squid.

So, there are a couple points to this story. First, I'm going to school full-time (taking the same number of units I was in the previous semesters; I also have two project and a term paper due within three weeks from now) and still working part-time, meaning I'm busier than I used to be (and Gord help me if I ever start playing WoW again). Though I'm not sure if it'll last; my project has to be done by next Monday, and I don't know whether they'll want me to work on anything else remotely after it's done (from what I've heard they don't usually let people work remotely).

Second, Squid has accepted the job, and is leaving (for good) on Thursday. I guess if his luggage doesn't explode this time (last time his carry-on suitcase set off the bomb detector), I'll see him around Christmas, if I go back to work there. Amusingly (and surprisingly), it look like his sister may move into his room in the house here, after he moves out. Unfortunately, I don't think she downloads every single anime episode that comes out, like he does (so that I could always just get whatever I wanted from him); oh well :P


Anonymous said...

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