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Monday, September 18, 2006

Public Service Announcement

This is Q's public service announcement of the... well, since whenever the last one was. Today I'm writing to warn you about possibly the most idiotic, incompetent bank in the whole world: Wells Fargo. This bank is so special that it's been charging me a monthly service fee on my free savings account (which I only opened because I needed one to get their student credit card, at the time) for several years, now. I've been over there four times to yell at them and tell them to fix it. The first three times it was "I'm so sorry, sir, I'll fix it right now." Lo and behold: bam, monthly service charge on the next month's statement.

The fourth time, however, was a little different (note that it's exactly the same amount of money in the account as there was the last several years, minus their deductions). This time it's "You have less than the minimum balance in your account, sir. Didn't anybody tell you there was a minimum balance fee?" Uh, no. Okay, so I add another $1,400 to the account (several times the minimum balance). Four weeks later: bam, monthly service fee on the account statement.

Now, I'm not positive about what to make of the fact that the first three times I went there nobody mentioned a minimum balance. It could be that their bankers (the ones that have their own desks) are just absolutely clueless about how their bank policies work, and Gord knows what it was they "fixed" when they said they had done so; or, it could be that the minimum balance is a new policy (this is consistent with the fact that I have no recollection of any service charge, and I read all the account information before opening it, but I'm not absolutely positive that I haven't forgotten), in which case it wouldn't explain the first couple years of deductions.

In either case, go put your money into Nigerian banks, people; you'll get ass-raped less than with Wells Fargo. And do make sure to spread the word.

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