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Thursday, October 12, 2006


So, this semester I'm taking a technical writing class required of all computer science majors - feasibility studies, users manual, grant proposals, that kind of stuff; it sucks. But at least one part of it looks promising - the grant proposal.

Last class we each made a request for proposals on some topic we think up. Seeing yet another opportunity to be a smart-ass (who else would put an asymptote in a budget graph in a homework assignment?), I wrote a request for proposals on the following:
"Wanted: Teacher-less Japanese foreign language curriculum based on immersion in anime."

So, today the teacher read all (25) of the ideas to the class, and had everybody choose which topic they want to do their (group) grant proposals (with in-class group presentations) on. As best I can remember, the most popular were, in order:
- virtual textbooks
- aggressive anti-popup software (that is, it launches attacks on anyone that attempts to make a popup appear on your computer)
- grammar/writing learning software (can't remember the details of that)
- foreign language curriculum based on anime and/or video games (my topic got merged with another person's)

That's right, my smart-ass idea made the charts; so we've got a group to do it. Since somebody else mentioned it, I actually think the video game version is more viable (less licensing costs and all that). This is gonna be godly. Just think: we can demo a real prototype (maybe something with Neverwinter Nights) in the presentation!

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