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Friday, January 12, 2007

I Win

So, yesterday my program at work (a configuration tool for their server product) went into official Q/A, and I've acquired a list of bugs (six so far). Some of these are absolutely hysterical. Take this one, for instance:

On two of the different servers we were setting up for our test networks, the computers froze after clicking finish with the connect now checkbox checked. This happened on both servers that made it that far.

One of the servers that froze seems to have completely screwed up the subnet it was on until it was unplugged from that router. In other words, workstations on the same subnet could not pass traffic through the router or renew their IP address from the dhcp server until the computer was unplugged from the router.

I was laughing out loud for about 20 minutes straight after I read that bug report. Besides the obvious hilarity of a single computer downing an entire subnet, my program runs entirely in user mode, and it would be a huge security hole in the OS if a user-mode program could wreck this kind of havoc. I suspect this is actually a bug in the server (which has a driver component) or the backend (which feeds instructions to the server), though I haven't started investigating, yet.

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