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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everything Coming Up Roses

So, I've arrived back at home, after spending the summer at my job from last summer (the place Skywing works, and invited me to). Fortunately, the trip home was very uneventful (no jet engines falling off, getting flown into major landmarks, or anything). So, one of the first things I have to do is catch up on the stuff I've neglected over the summer, for the reason that it would have been difficult to do them away from home.

First, I checked what manga came out over the summer. But did that surprise me (and in a good way). It appears that two series I really liked (Gunslinger Girl and Yotsuba&!), and I thought had been discontinued (the last releases were over two years ago), have been resumed. Also, House season 3 is coming out very shortly, and a few other things that were expected also came out, as well. I guess my birthday came exactly 1 month early, this year :P All together, I'm ordering the following (and I'd recommend all of these series, with the possible exception of GTO: Early Years):
- Crest of the Stars novel (the manga based on the novel) part 3
- Death Note volume 12
- Gunslinger Girl volume 4
- GTO: The Early Years volume 4
- School Rumble volume 6
- Yotsuba&! volume 4

Also, as I've got more money (not that I didn't have money before; I was just too cheap to spend it), I'm gonna get some soundtracks I'd been putting off for various reasons. Lo and behold, it appears that there's a new Wild Arms 1 soundtrack from last year. The original "OST" of Wild Arms 1 was released with the game, in 1997 (that's actually more recent than I was thinking). However, there were a number of problems with it. If memory serves, it used different arrangements and synthesis than the original music from the game; as well, it only included about half the tracks. This new one has all tracks and is at least close enough to the game version that I can't tell it apart from memory (I had no problem telling the "OST" from the game). So, I'm buying:
- Final Fantasy XII OST. Had downloaded this and really liked it, but put off buying it due to laziness.
- Wild Arms Complete Tracks
- Xenogears OST. I never bought this because I ripped all the music straight from the console; but I suppose I should buy it as a token gesture at some point.
- Xenosaga I OST. Part of the same series as Xenogears, and by the same composer. Downloaded this to try it; while I'm not as fond of it as some others, I suppose it's worth the money, at least.

Lastly, I should list the various anime I've been watching/manga I've been reading over the summer. Describing each one would be too involved for my laziness, so I'll just let Anime News Network do the talking.
- Bleach
- Bokurano
- Busou Renkin
- Code Geass. Only got this one from Squid; haven't watched it, yet.
- D.Gray-Man. Don't ask me what's up with the format of the name.
- Death Note
- Lucky Star
- Negima
- Pumpkin Scissors. Strangely endearing.
- Skip Beat. *shrug*
- So Long, Mr. Despair

And now I need to go send in my two mice for warranty replacement. One as a tendency to fall asleep at inappropriate times, and the other tends to wander.

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Justin Olbrantz (Quantam) said...

Awesome. My MX700 is out of production, so I'll be getting a free upgrade to an MX Revolution!

Oh, and for anybody wondering why I leave comments for updates these days, it's because some dumb RSS readers (such as things that send you e-mails when a story is posted) will spam you if a story is updated after it's posted.

Note to self: In the future, post comments to the right posts.