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Sunday, April 06, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Dear Gord, has it already been a year since I started this project? That's even lazier than I usually am. No, the project isn't abandoned (not quite); though I guess I'm lucky the project didn't get usurped while I've been off in my own little world.

I've finished cleaning up all of the code for the patcher DLL (the core of MPQDraft) and the SEMPQ stub code, and both are now in the repository. Unfortunately, as the GUI code isn't cleaned up yet, those parts aren't particularly useful apart from simply looking at how it works. I may have to start considering uploading the rest of the code immediately, and suffering through various laughing and insults for the icky code...

I've also added MPQDraft builds made with the code in the repository now and the code that hasn't yet been added, for testing. I did a substantial amount of code cleanup, and some portions were rewritten from scratch. I did some basic testing to make sure that it seemed to be working more or less, but it wasn't exhaustive, and I've only tested it with a couple of my own plugins.

Open-Source MPQDraft

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Anonymous said...

Q, you are the best. Thought this project was an April Fool's joke. ;) Btw could you write some reverse engineering articles as a sequel to your "Inside MoPaQ" book? Would be very interesting. This category is missing in your blog somehow.