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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

& Hobbit Birthday Parties

There probably aren't many that care that wouldn't see my post on Campaign Creations, but here it is just in case:
Well, it's that time of year again, and I've got some presents to give out. First, I released build 2009.09.13 of MPQDraft a couple days ago. While it only fixes bugs, it fixes some major ones - so major I'm amazed nobody told me about them in the last year and I had to find them myself.

The bugs fixed, in approximate order of severity:
-SEMPQs not activating for games specified with relative names
-plugin page not setting the plugin pointer after selecting with Browse, resulting in a crash
-plugin page stops listing plugins after one fails to load
-not saving custom executable names in the SEMPQ wizard
-plugins weren't forced to use proper plugin IDs for their modules, allowing some plugins to get away with bad behavior that didn't work with FireGraft (which forced plugins to use the correct ID)

As with the last year and a half, MPQDraft is open-source on SourceForge. You can get both the binaries and the source from the files page.

Second, ThunderGraft has been resurrected from the dead. For those who haven't heard about ThunderGraft before, it allows the use of MP3s, Ogg Vorbis, and other sound compression formats in Diablo, Diablo II, StarCraft, and WarCraft II: Edition, which give higher audio quality and smaller file sizes than the WAV compression used in those games normally; ThunderGraft also integrates with StarEdit to allow maps to use non-WAV sounds in triggers. I'm calling it a beta version as ShadowFlare just yesterday mentioned a crash that only occurred on her computer, and I probably won't have time to investigate it until at least tomorrow.

And finally, as sort of "present #2.5", ThunderGraft has been open-sourced as well, and it's also on SourceForge. The binaries are available on the files page, but I haven't gotten around to putting a ZIP of the source up yet. Specifically, I really, really need to clean up the directory structure of MPQDraft and ThunderGraft to make it much easier for people other than me (without my directory organization) to compile it. You can still view the source through the source browser, or download it with Subversion or CVS, but you probably won't get it compiled without a bit more info from me; I'll get to that when I have time.

As always, there are two flavors: release and debug. I'd advise using debug for mod development, as it generates log files that are very helpful in fixing bugs, should you find any (but would probably annoy people who download your mod).


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