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Monday, March 22, 2010

Q's Squishy Thing of the Day

One of the manga series I've been waiting forever for an English translation of (to buy, that is; fan-translated versions have been around online for years) is Elfen Lied, which I mentioned being fond of in the past. Well, there's still not official English translation, but I just learned something very interesting: there's an official Spanish version (also German and Taiwanese Chinese, for speakers of those languages). So I can own the series I've wanted for a long time, while practicing my Spanish.

I mentioned a ways back that I was reading the Spanish version of the Trique grammar book (as there wasn't an equivalent English version), and I was surprised how well I could read the Spanish, without even looking things up. However, a part of the reason this went so smoothly was that most of the unknown words in that were linguistic jargon that I was able to figure out from context very quickly.

Actually, my very first exposure to Trique, prior to that, also involved Spanish. It all began with a Spanish/Trique bilingual Bible I got from my grandpa. I started by comparing the text in Spanish and Trique to attempt to figure out the grammar by example. This was somewhat more difficult than the grammar book. It had a much broader array of words used, so it was significantly harder to figure out unknown words from context. Still, I made a respectable amount of progress, given the method.

If I'm lucky, reading Elfen Lied would be closer to the former, as the illustrations give some context. But even if I infrequently need to look things up it wouldn't be too bad. And it would very likely improve my ability to read/write Spanish in general by a noteworthy amount.

So, I'll probably buy that after money is no longer so tight.

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