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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


While I was doing price comparison (and investigating soundtrack counterfeiting), I found out that I was totally mistaken about the $30 price on Blanc Dans Noir. As a matter of fact, they do only charge your for 1 CD worth. See, in Japan, anime soundtracks (not sure about popular music) go for about $30 for a single CD. Maybe that has something to do with so few soundtracks making it to the US (as they sell for $15 retail here)...

Now, if you're pretty sharp, you might have wondered something: how did Q not know this (he has imported anime music from Japan, after all)? The answer is both sad and humorous: I got ripped off. I assumed the price of $14 was fair for my Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome soundtracks, as that's a bit less than what CDs retail for here (and what my two US versions of Madlax cost legally), and didn't bother to check what the Japanese price was - sure enough, it's $30 each (the ones I got were Miya Records bootlegs, by the way). Note that the first two Noir soundtracks I listed a couple posts ago were really $15, as they were the US versions (the third one was never brought to the US).

I'd report the guy I bought them from to Amazon (what I bought them through), but as far as I can tell he's no longer around, so he probably got busted by somebody else.

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